無論是在森林中遊蕩或一個古老破舊的城堡,霍利塞拉利昂發現靈感無處不在。 Having lived for six years in Asia, she attempts to mix her marvelous multicultural memories with themes that influence and fascinate her today.經住了六年在亞洲,她嘗試地攪著奇妙的記憶與多元文化的影響力和令人著迷的主題。

With her endless penchant for detail, Holly hopes to encourage others to see life as she does – a tapestry of color, design, beauty and light.由於她無窮的嗜好對細節,霍莉希望鼓勵其他人看到她生活 - 掛毯的色彩,設計,美容,重量輕。

Holly's formal art training was at SUNY, School of Fine Arts in NY She has recently illustrated seven books in JH Sweet's The Fairy Chronicles series for young girls. Holly的正規藝術訓練是在美國紐約州立大學,美術學院在紐約她最近七個書籍插圖大九寨Sweet的編年史的童話系列為年輕女孩。

Holly also hopes to introduce her newest goddess and wildlife paintings into the calendar and greeting card arena.冬青還希望將她介紹最新的女神和野生動物畫到日曆和賀卡的舞台。

She lives in Myrtle Beach with her family and a multitude of pets!她住在默特爾比奇與她的家人和眾多的寵物! Please visit Holly's website at or contact her about giclee prints at .



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